Our Curriculum Intent

Our Intent

At St James’ we want to develop and nurture thinking and learning skills that enable our children to flourish by being resilient, resourceful and reciprocal learners within a Christian ethos.  In turn, we want our learners develop knowledge of key concepts through empathy and understanding of the world, a recognition of the challenges we face, how to find the strength to overcome these and to work towards being global, Christian citizens.

Personal Learning and Thinking Outcomes

To achieve this, our curriculum will be underpinned through personal learning and thinking outcomes, which are developed through every aspect of our curriculum.

Theme Specific Skills

Our curriculum will be structured by giving each term a specific focus which will be linked to Theme Specific Skills.  These themes develop core skills that are needed to empower all children as they progress through education and into their future lives, whilst nurturing their independence and curiosity.  Key concepts, such as Justice, Diversity, Influence are woven into their learning to help build and develop children’s knowledge and deeper understanding of themes.


(Geography and Design Technology themed)


(History themed)


(Arts themed)

  • Identify questions to answer and problems to solve.
  • Show flexibility.
  • Organise time and resources.
  • Communicate learning in relevant ways.
  • Work towards a goal.
  • Adapt ideas as circumstances change.
  • Show empathy.

Our Curriculum Vision

At St James’ we are passionate about delivering a curriculum that is not only broad and balanced, but that also prepares children for a future in modern Britain. We pride ourselves in empowering our pupils to be global citizens with an appreciation of cultures, values and lifestyles that may be different to their own as well as enabling them to understand the impact that they can have both in their local community and the wider world.

We believe that opening doors to a range of opportunities and experiences will ultimately provide our children with skills and knowledge they need to be successful, aspirational adults.

Our Curriculum Plans

To view our Curriculum Overview Plan from Reception through to Year 6 click below:

St James’ 7 Year Plan