Year 2

13th July

It’s the final week of a very strange year.  None of us could have imagined when we started together back in September how our Year 2 together would turn out.  It hasn’t ended in the way we would have hoped, celebrating together.  However, we did have some good times along the way.  See above this message for our END OF YEAR SLIDESHOW of lots of happy Year 2 memories.

For our final week of home learning, for whoever has managed to make it this far, just a few activities to round off the year.


We haven’t had the opportunity to do the usual meet the teacher activities but Mrs Fowlie-Burns would still like to find out more about you and Mrs Ward would like to know how you have changed since Year 1.  If you would like to complete the attached transition booklet, you can print it off and fill it in, photograph it and email it to or if you don’t have a printer, you can just type the answers directly into an email.