Learning to Shape Our Future

We want to stimulate an interest in the life of people who lived in the past, by understanding how past events have influenced our lives today; and to learn from these to make better life choices today.

To teach children a sense of chronology, so that the children are able to develop an understanding of their own identity within Britain’s historical heritage; to learn to value their own and learn about other people’s cultured in modern multicultural Britain by learning about British and other culture’s history. To investigate these past events and, by so doing, to develop the skills of enquiry, analysis, interpretation and problem-solving enabling our children to flourish by being resilient, resourceful and reciprocal learners.

How We Learn

We want our children to read and interact with a variety of information sources, we aim for our children to be fascinated and curious enough to ask and answer questions about the past and develop their historical enquiry skills.  They will have the resilience to persevere and find answers through a mixture of adult led and self-directed learning by considering the big question and developing a growth mindset through all experiences they encounter.


In line with the National Curriculum, our children will study a diverse range of texts, images, videos, artefacts and other primary and secondary sources and will explore these through drama, speaking and listening and discussion to make connections and compare differences in life between the past and the present.

Children will become self-directed learners by deepening their historical enquiry skills through utilising and critically evaluating a range of historical information sources.

A Systematic Approach to Planning

History Vision & Adaptions to Ensure all can Participate

History Progression Map