Our Staff

Our Teaching Staff

Mrs Gina Bailey

Executive Headteacher

Mrs Casey Cox

Head of School

Mrs Celina Walsham

Inclusion Manager / SENCO

Miss Melanie Greig

KS1 Phase Leader- Class Teacher Year 2

Miss Sarah Ryde

KS2 Phase Leader – Class Teacher Year 5

Mrs Michelle Dutton

KS2 Phase Leader – Class Teacher Year 6

Mrs Lucy Coote

SENCO Assistant & Pastoral Lead

Miss Olivia Sikopoulis

Class Teacher – Reception

Mrs Danya Ashraf

Class Teacher – Reception

Mrs Hayley Fowlie-Burns

Class Teacher -Year 3

Mrs Joanna Conroy

Class Teacher -Year 3

Miss Doychinova

Class Teacher – Year 4

Our Support Staff

Miss Asha Waters


Mrs Wendy Donnan


Mrs Julie Conyard


Mrs Laura Cook


Miss Keely Crossman

LSA / Welfare Assistant

Mrs Joanna Chapman


Miss Kassandra Donohoe


Miss Kelly Wilson


Mrs Theresa Vladimirou


Mrs Annaliese Williams


Mrs Tanya Graham

Speech and Language LSA

Catherine Kiff

As the school counsellor, I offer a safe and confidential space where I will listen, non-judgmentally, and help children to begin to understand their feelings and thoughts. As an integrative arts psychotherapist and counsellor I work through the use of the arts and play.

Our Office Team

Mrs Sharon Nelson

Office Manager

Mrs Maria Lim-Medcalf

Academy Business Manager

Mrs Angie Brooks

Education Welfare Officer

Mrs Anne Sloan

Senco Assistant

Chandi Lohia

Academy Business Manager Assistant

Our Kitchen Staff

Mrs Lynn Miller


Mrs Victoria King

Kitchen Assistant

Our Site Team

Mr Russell


Ms Edyta Walesiak