Welcome to PE during Lockdown.

On this page you will find lots of resources to assist you keeping fit and healthy while at home. 

Virtual Sports Day 2021

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PE Resources


In this section you will find year group appropriate activities that you can do at home with your children using household objects.

The activities enclosed have been complied by the Essex School Games Organisers who we join with every year. They are responsible for organising and running all of the PE/Sports competitions we attend.

Some activities have video links to help explain the games.

The activities are intended for your children to use daily and we hope they can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Keeping physically active, improves our health, wellbeing, and mood, so we hope your children can have a go.

The games can all be done inside, but if the weather allows, you can always go outside.

Please note that once the children have mastered the basic activity, they can play the game many times over, in many ways, as you will find the differentiated ideas at the end of each activity, under the STEP model.

For more activities go to the Active Essex website:

Just Dance

PE Challenges

Dinosaur PE

Football Training Videos


Throwing and Catching

Harlow Gymnastic Club- Videos

Vine PE Videos

Adam is a Vine PE coach, here are some videos of short PE lessons:

Virtual Sports Day 2020!!

Helpful Videos

Joe Wicks YouTube Channel

Cosmic Kids Yoga- YouTube Channel